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Christmas Tree

Audio - Wooden Clocks & Tiny Silver Balls

Say it. Say “I love you” to your grandparents before it’s too late.

Sad little apple tree

Back Page - Sad Little Apple Tree

“…I would like people to know that I tried to praise the mutilated world and that I found a little piece of unpaved earth and paid attention.” – Linford Detweiler – Over the Rhine. Although we live in a deeply wounded world that has waited for healing so long we are tempted to lose sight […]


Essays - I Fall A Lot

It seems like I fall a lot. This is disturbing. If you spend that kind of unexpected contact with the ground, simply looking down can make you anxious. Maybe you fall down, too, but you don’t mention it? In January of 2014, I wrote in my journal that I had fallen while taking the garbage […]


Hospitality - Cold in Minnesota

I’ve always known that in offering a meal it’s possible to serve more than mere food to one another. Cold in Minnesota


Recipes - Potato Leek Soup

6 medium potatoes (Yukon Gold is the best texture) ½ cup butter 2 medium leeks ½ cup water 4 cups chicken broth 1 TBSP chicken bullion 2 cups milk and/or heavy cream Peel and cut potatoes into bite sizes. Boil until tender but not falling apart (about 15 min). Drain. In stockpot, sauté chopped leeks […]

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